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As a municipal and water district engineer, MHE brings exceptional expertise, knowledge and experience to our public drinking water projects. You will directly benefit from our Team’s depth of knowledge relating to drinking water regulatory and design standards.

Example Projects

Main Street Transmission Main
Boonville, Missouri
Site investigation, research, design and document preparation for the Poplar Street to Krohn Street Water Tower Water Line to construct 1,514 LF of 12″ PVC for a new transmission main. Project also included repair of asphalt and concrete streets and gravel driveways distributed during construction, and replacement of sidewalks with new 5′ wide, 6″ and 4″ PCC sidewalks along the waterline route.

Foristell Water Main Extensions
St. Charles County, Missouri
Study/assessment of alternatives, surveying/engineering design, MDNR permitting, production of plans/specifications, environmental clearances, coordination of soil/rock borings, roadway permitting, and easement exhibits/descriptions for water main extensions along Highway W and Sumac Ridge (Dietrich Road). Project includes 2,500 LF of 8-inch and 2,100 LF of 12-inch PVC water main, service connections, fire hydrants, gate valves, and related appurtenances, as well as roadway bores, and roadway/driveway replacement. Project will result in improved flow rates and more reliable water service for area residents.

Water Storage Improvements
City of Fayette, Missouri
This comprehensive project included the relocation of the Givens Tank (single pedestal) and increasing the riser pipe to allow the tank to be at the correct hydraulic height. A new tank was constructed to replace the Park Tank to increase storage capacity and flow. Water distribution system upgrades completed the project.

Downtown Water Main Replacement, Board of Public Works
Hannibal, Missouri
This project consisted of the replacement of an existing 100-year old 6″ cast iron water main on the west side of Main Street from North Street to Warren Barrett Drive with a new 12″ ductile iron water main within 4′ of the gutter pan of the existing Main Street roadway to the east side of Main Street. Project included connections to side street water mains. Design services included determination of service connection sizes, meter locations and fire flow service, with details including the design plans for outside or inside meters along with details for penetration through building walls depending on the type of wall. Fire hydrant locations were established for replacement of all existing fire hydrants. The firm provided design, plans and specifications, cost estimates, submittal of application to MDNR for construction permit (by September 1, 2011) and bidding/award services. Our firm provided construction management services.