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Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP)

The MEP Project Engineer prepares detailed preliminary and final design plans, technical specifications, cost estimates, and bidding and contract documents, and review and approval of equipment shop drawings. Our MEP Engineers provide complete construction phase services including assistance through the bidding and award phases for construction/equipment contracts, review of change orders and contractor pay requests, and monitoring of the project through their expert construction observation services.

Example Projects

Bel-Air Elementary School Renovation
Jefferson City Public Schools
Jefferson City, Missouri
Our firm worked in conjunction with The Architects Alliance of Jefferson City, Missouri to renovate the Bel-Air Elementary School for Jefferson City Public Schools. This work included the complete replacement of the HVAC system, the upgrade to energy efficient lighting and the addition of two ADA compliant/accessible restroom facilities. New lighting was selected that was both energy-efficient and aesthetically suitable and complementary to the new building finishes. Occupancy sensors were utilized to automatically turn off lighting in areas when unoccupied for additional energy savings. New accessible plumbing was included in this project to allow the building to comply with current day standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The HVAC system chosen was a Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volumen (VRV) system with dedicated outdoor air units for proper building ventilation. This system replaced the original heating water boiler and air handling units. The VRV system rivals the efficiency of ground source heat pumps without the large first cost for well drilling. The removal of the boiler and large air handling equipment allowed the existing mechanical rooms to be converted into more usable space for storage and one, of the two, new accessible restrooms. The Daikin system comes complete with the required temperature controls system to not only operate the equipment, but also allow for energy management through occupied-unoccupied schedules.

Silex R-1 Elementary School Renovation/HVAC/Energy Efficiency
Silex, Missouri
This project required electrical engineering and design for the renovation of the Silex R-1 Elementary School facilities, including: replacement of existing electrical service, electrical distribution, lighting and HVAC system. Services included field work to identify existing conditions, design drawings and specifications for new electrical service and related electrical distribution, coordination with utilities to provide new gas and electric service to the building, new lighting fixtures, new fire alarm layout and new HVAC systems. Our firm provided project bidding assistance, including pre-bid meeting. Construction administration services included clarifications related to project plans and specifications, review of contractor pay applications, and required site visits to review contractos work.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Conversion
City of Fayette, Missouri
Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Conversion with Disinfection Project: MEP work included engineering and design of a new motor control center (MCC) and enhanced SCADA system linking the entire plant to the lab, resulting in improved operations, efficiency, and effluent flow monitoring. The project was financed through USDA-RD and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).