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MECO-Heneghan specializes in all areas of stormwater management, planning, design, and analysis. This includes project management and construction management of bridges, culverts and related stormwater infrastructures for rivers and streams, ditches, inlets, pipe systems, detention, pump stations, sediment and erosion control.

Example Projects

Storm Water Master Plan
Branson, Missouri
MECO Engineering Company, Inc, one of the parent companies of MHE, is under contract with the City of Branson to prepare a Storm Water Master Plan as a working document to aid in prioritizing areas of flooding concerns. MECO is presently in the information and gathering data phase with two Public Hearings scheduled for September 17th and September 18th. Public outreach is a vital part of the community participation. The City of Branson also has areas of flooding that are a concern. This report shall evaluate and prioritize the most critical areas with conceptual plan and cost estimates. The Study will also address the current stormwater ordinance in place, along with recommendation for future development or expansion. This study is currently a work in process as MECO continues to work with the City for a Master Plan to begin addressing storm water in their community.

Stormwater Improvements
Warrenton, Missouri
For this project, our firm designed the stormwater basin at the wastewater treatment facility, a report for the storm water improvements along Flora and Roosevelt Streets, stormwater improvements on Lakeview Street and worked with the County to develop the City’s storm water management ordinance.

Downtown Square Roadway & Storm Sewer Improvements
City of Bowling Green, Missouri
This project was to improve drainage are the City’s downtown square and full depth replacement of the existing asphalt roadway at the four intersections around the courthouse square with PCC Pavement for proper stormwater flow. Milling and overlay of the Main Street, Main Cross Street, Court Street and Church Street between the intersections around the courthouse square. Removal, replacement and installation of new storm sewer on the south side of the square, ADA sidewalk and parking improvements.

Stormwater Improvements
Lake St. Louis Community Association
Engineering review of storm water plans for De Loire Cove and Paris Court, review of overflow structure prepared by others, prepare plans for trash diversion structure, Villa Cove silt trap, shoreline protection, Rue Grand box culvert, Phase II dredging project, draw-down structure, Duello Road skimmer basin, Province storm water project and Duelphine Bay hydraulic survey.